Jan 18, 2017

I'm back... and Feeling Better!

Hello again, peeps. As you can probably see in the blog archives in the left column, I havent' posted in a really long time. For that, I apologize. I got hired at Hobby Lobby (woo hoo!) at the end of November and the holiday seasons really got crazy! It's all a blur and seems like all I did was work all day and squeeze sleep and food somewhere in between!

But, be that as it may, I am back! The blog will undergo some changes in the layout, but the central theme will be the same. I will continue to give you great ideas and suggestions for making your own adventures, have great adventures of my own and share them with you, and leave inspiring quotes for you to hold on to when you need a soft push, a kind word, or just a little reminder that you are great!

So here we go!

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