Nov 6, 2016

There is sunlight in my soul today...

Yesterday was really hard. So hard, that I considered closing my blog, put my bucket list on hold, and return to corporate America. What brought that on? A couple of family members. I have always been a free-spirited traveller. I love moving around, seeing new places and meeting new people. It's humbling thinking back on all the people I've met and the countless emails and conversations from them, telling me how thankful they are for my encouragement, kindness, and giving. In spite of all of this, I've been called irresponsible and that I need to grow up, move somewhere (and stay there), and just get a job (by the way, everywhere I have ever lived, I've had work). 

I shake off naysayers and negativity pretty well, but yesterday, something broke. I think it was my heart. Fortunately, I have a best friend (who's more like a sister) who was able to give me some really good advice. I call it my crash course in "Battling Life: Family 101".
my bestie and her baby girl being silly (:

So, what's the message here? Never give up on your dreams. Discouragement and pain comes from everywhere, including family. But you have to shake it off because at the end of the day, you only get one life. 

So I blog on. And I will continue to do so, in the hopes that I will inspire you guys to get up and get living! 

Peace and love, lovelies!

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