Nov 8, 2016

7 Myths About Cats

I am apart of a family who loves dogs. Man's best friend... protector of the home when we're away... the first line of defense against strangers. Don't get me wrong, I like dogs, but I love cats. So, when I informed my parents that I had recently adopted my cat, Carmen, the mythical flood gates were opened. No, I don't mean mythology, I mean the cat myths! One of the biggest ones was that 'cats suck the breath out of babies'. It was funny, until my parents told me that when I came to visit, the cat could not stay in the house. In shock, I pulled out my blog brainstorming pad (there is no technical name for it), and began to write. I felt the need to create a post about the most common myths about cats (and kitties!) So here is the first of a mini series on...

7 MYTHS ABOUT CATS! (and kitties!)

#1 Cats can't be trained...
ACTUALLY: Cats are highly intelligent animals. They can be taught, not only how to use a litterbox, but to sing and dance, too! Okay, maybe not sing and dance, but search YouTube for funny videos and you'll find cats doing everything from playing instruments to properly (and accurately) using the toilet!

#2 Unlike dogs, cats can have chocolate...
ACTUALLY: Nope. Cats can't have chocolate either. Milk chocolate has an alkaloid chemical called theobromine that is toxic to both cats and dogs. Dark chocolate has even more of it! So, no candy, hot chocolate, nil!

#3 Cats will suck the breath out of a baby...
ACTUALLY: Cats are snugglers. They love to cuddle against any body part that is the warmest, which happens to be the chest, neck, and head. This fact is most likely where this rumor (or as I call it, an urban cat legend) stems from. This ones a myth kiddos!

#4 Cats can have table food...
ACTUALLY: Table scraps are empty calories for cats. Feeding your new furry family member table scraps is a sure way to make them pack on unwanted pounds!

#5 Cats don't need exercise
ACTUALLY: Want your your kitty to stay healthy, well help them get some exercise. Keeping them indoors, take the time to roll around the floor with them and their toys!

#6 Garlic helps get rid of worms in cats
ACTUALLY: Garlic leads to anemia in cats

#7 Milk is a cats best friend...
ACTUALLY: Milk can cause diarrhea, and could eventually lead to an overweight kitty. This is due to the fact that cats have a hard time digesting dairy products.

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