Oct 6, 2016

10 Things to Have in Your Car for Your Next Road Trip...

There's nothing like a good, long road trip. Going to a new place, seeing new things, or even going back to a place that you haven't been to in awhile, just to see how things have changed. I love traveling. I like to fly, but I love driving so I usually end up taking road trips.

One thing I have learned is there are a few things that you simply must have to make your trip easier. I mean, the obvious things are food and music, but there's a few more things that can make traveling easier. After all, you don't wanna have to fumble around in the backseat for a snack or catch the bottle of water rolling under the brake pedal!

So here's my list of things to have in your car on your next road trip:

  • Mini trash can: I went to our local dollar store and bought a cereal container, lined it with a grocery store bag and I was good to go! It's great for candy wrappers and empty potato chip bags. You don't want that stuff all over your floors and if you drive with the windows down like I do, the last thing you want is for trash to go flying out the window!
  • Mini cooler. Okay, so the mini cooler can be used to hold a few things. I keep 3 in my car because I'm a huge snacker: one for bars like fruit bars, cereal bars and candy bars; one for bottles of water; and one for sweets like skittles, M&Ms, and other candies that can easily and quickly melt
  • Aqua mist: facial spray. This will come in handy when you need to freshen your face. I give myself a light spray when I'm traveling alone and I get a little sleepy. I spray twice and if I'm still tired after that, I pull into the nearest motel and catch some Z's!
  • Baby wipes: These bad boys are handy for everything: cleaning your hands (because sticky fingers are the worst!), cleaning up quick spills (but never take your eyes off the road!), and they're great for wiping your face.
  • Listerine strips: I keep these for two reasons: fresh breath and a quick pick me up! For those solo trips, as in life, when I am bored, I get sleepy. So a great way I combat NOS, Nodding-Off Syndrome, is popping one of these hot little strips in my mouth. It does everything from wake me up to opening up my sinuses! Not too many, though.
  • Motion sickness remedies: I don't experience motion sickness because I'm always on the go, but when traveling with friends, you never know what you'll need. Besides, they don't take up much space.
  • Map: I'll never forget when I was driving home to Alabama in 2015. I was using the GPS on my phone when the battery died and it was so very dead that I couldn't turn the GPS back on until the battery was at least 11%. So now always keep one of these just in my car just in case... and I upgraded my phone!
  • Emergency car kits: Obviously!
  • Digital camera: Now, when I'm traveling solo, I don't take photos while I'm driving. I'll pull over and get the shot that I want. But for those wonderful times when I travel with friends, that's all I do. Snap photos!
  • A fun game: When traveling with a group of friends, playing games is an inevitable must. But whether you play car bingo, humdinger, or I Spy, this is definitely is a pasttime that will make your trip a memorable one!
And that's it! That's my list. I know the last one is not a tangible list item, but it's a must for travelers. Did I miss something? Hit me up below and clue me in! Thanks in advance! Have a great week, peeps!

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