Aug 7, 2016

10 Things You Can Donate to an Animal Shelter

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So I had a lot of my peeps ask me where I went to cross this one of. Truth be told, you can go into just about any shelter or pet store and donate. Places like PetsMart have adoption centers in-store where you can make cash donations and drop off supplies as well. 
I have made a list below of the general items that animal shelters will gladly accept. Some of these items you may have around the house. Just make sure that the items you donate are new or gently used.
  1. Cash - This one's a given. It takes money to run a successful business and it takes as much as or more to run a volunteer service. Having volunteered at an animal shelter, I learned first hand that grant money doesn't cover all of the expenses and the rest will come from donations and most often out of the pockets of the shelter volunteers and operator(s).
  2. Towels/Blankets - As a volunteer, I can tell you these are really important. Towels and blankets are usually stored on location, but came in handy most when out in the field when rescuing strays. We can never have too many towels and blankets.
  3. Heating Pads - Shelters have many uses for these: newborn kittens and puppies, sick or recovering pets, and elderly dogs and cats
  4. Plastic Bags - Plastic bags are really convenient because they have so many uses and can be stored just about anywhere. For good measure, toss in some smaller doggie bags for easy cleanup
  5. Pet Carriers/Crates - Pet carriers and crates can be a really expensive, but very necessary asset to any shelter. They make a great temporary home for a couple of nights until the pets can be put in a more stable sleeping area 
  6. Gently used Collars, Leashes, and Lead Ties - These are best if new, but gently used items can
    definitely be accepted. In shelters where animals are constantly being brought in, collars, leashes, and lead ties can be used when pets need to be taken out for walks, exercise, and when it's time to go potty 
  7. Bowls - Pets gotta eat, right?
  8. Scrubs - I remember when I first volunteered with my local shelter. I wore my favorite outfit. Needless to say, at the end of the day, it was filthy. There were days we had to rescue animals who were covered in fleas and ticks, some were bleeding, and some were really dirty. I was so glad when a local nurse donated scrubs. Who would have thought that these outfits would come in handy. Now we had an 'unofficial' uniform that we could change out of at the end of the day and toss in the laundry. Trust me, they're really useful!
  9. Gently used Toys - It's the next best thing to keep the little ones distracted and preoccupied. If the toys you bring in are used, make sure they are freshly cleaned and washed. Depending on the location, tell them what condition the toys are in and they will clean them for you.
  10. Time/Volunteer - The best thing you can give is your time. Taking time to walk the animals or just to show up and show some love to them is really important. 

There are many different ways you can help out. Whether you give money, supplies, or your time, every little bit helps. We're all in this world together, people and animals. We gotta stick together. So go on, volunteer today! You'll be glad you did. I promise.

Check with your local animal rescue location, in addition to pet stores like PetsMart and PetCo, to find out what they will accept as donations.

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