Jul 28, 2016

8 Things You'll Need to Make Sure Your Birthday Bash is a Success

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So this time last year, I was planning my birthday party. I was thinking about what I want to do, the things I wanted to have, and the people I wanted to be there. It was gonna be awesome! Well, you know what happened? My sister, and ten of my nieces and nephews threw me a surprise party that was simple and everything was handmade right down to the cake. And it was so much better and filled with love than I could have planned for.

But in the event that, for whatever reason, you are planning your own b-day bash, I have compiled a list of needful things and must-haves, and a few pointers to help you get through it:

#1 - Pick a theme: This is a must because it will set a course for the entire party and will make sure that the party decor is not scattered and mismatched. With a theme, you can easily decide on colors, decorations, foods, and the invitations. Which brings me conveniently to my next point:

Home SWEET Home. Cute little house cookies. A great, fun, and totally cute housewarming party treat.#2 - Make/Print/Create Invitations: The invitations are one of the party must haves where you can be completely original and creative. You can hand-make your invitations from scratch, custom to the theme you choose for your party. You can create a design on the computer and print it from home or have it professionally printed. Or if you're feeling really creative, you can take my approach. When I moved into my apartment in Wilmington, I baked "housewarming cookies", some in the shape of a house and some in the shape of a house key. They were a big hit and tres delicious. I found the recipe here... angelicamademe.com
#3 - Super Cool Decorations: What you choose for your party theme will determine what your decorations and colors will be. I always go to Party City for my party decorations because the store is organized by party themes and everything is really affordable.

In your decorating, don't forget to create a great centerpiece for the table, as well as hanging great garlands and creating the right lighting.

So those are the basic necessities you'll want to work on. But Invitations and Decorations alone, does not a great party make! So let's continue on with the list.

#4 - A Photo Booth: This is a huge hit whenever I set up mine. Guests will see the booth with the props and the masks and will go crazy! And the best part is: You can make it yourself! You don't need to have a closed in booth; simply pick a section of the room, set out a small table or chair for the props to rest on, set the camera up on a tripod and you're done!

#5 - A Dance Floor: This one's probably the simplest, but you can still be really creative here. I loveboho feel I get when I layer 3 or 4 throw rugs in the floor. People migrate to the decorated space intuitively and a dance off usually breaks out! If you have a really nice floor, be it hardwood or tile, simply grab a couple of friends and bust a move! Trust me, other guests will follow.

#6 - Fun Games Galore: Let's be real. Spin the Bottle is for middle schoolers and Beer Pong at some point (usually in the college years) has to die. Lets get back to the classics: Charades, Hum Dinger, and of course Heads Up! You can search online for the rules to these games and others to play. Don't forget the prizes! Games are definitely as important to a party as music, and speaking of music...

#7 - Karaoke, baby!: Karaoke is a party tradition going back generations... okay maybe not generations, but karaoke has been around for a long time. It's likely to be around for as long as people have ears and listen to music! Hands down, the best (free) karaoke source I use is found at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKARAOKEChannel.

#8 - Say it with me... SWAG BAGS!: Ah, the power of the Swag Bag. (It's the new term for party favors or take home bag). The little babies are the finishing touches to an awesome shindig thrown! Include handmade crafts, jewelry, and snacks, or you can splurge a little and add things like custom photo disc of the festivities.

Well, that's all I have for ya! Remember: Don't try to go overboard because you will stress yourself. Giving yourself too many options will cost extra time and money. Welcome your guests as soon as they arrive with great music playing and good food a'waitin'. And if you're not up to the cooking challenge, there's always catering! Above all else, remember to have a good time and invite only people who will have a good time with you. You're the King/Queen of the hour, it's your guest list. It's your party. Make it great!

Did I leave anything out? Feel free to comment below. Thanks, guys! Have a great week!

10 Life Saving Items to Bring to Universal Studios

So, earlier this summer, I went with my family to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. It. Was. Amazing! The moment I walked through the gate, I knew it was going to be amazing. I knew had everything I needed because I had prepped the night before. It was very hot, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. FYI, definitely try to avoid going between the months of June -August. Nevertheless, we all pushed forward.

There were tons of things to do and see, making it a fun experience and a great photo opportunity. As we went from place to place, ride to ride, stop to stop, we all slowly began to realize that there were a few things that we maybe we should have brought to make life a little better. I did some thinking, and I compiled this list for you guys so it will, hopefully, make your trip more comfortable.

#1 Extra Cash - Seems like this would be a no brainer, right? Lots of people prefer to carry their debit/credit card because its safer. Here's why bringing cash is a must. All of the rides at Universal require you to have someone hold your "loose objects" or temporarily rent a locker. You cannot use your debit/credit card to rent these. And the ride operators will tell you, " Absolutely nothing in your pockets, please. You cannot ride with loose objects on your person."

#2 Water Container - There are lots of water fountains at the refill stations scattered around the park. Bringing a water container with you is the best choice when faced with paying $7 for a bottle of water from the park itself. Just sayin'...

#3 Candy/ Gum - I make 'goody bags' and I carry them with me everywhere I go. I started making them when I was in high school and, for the past 15 years, I have not regretted it. The goody bag is basically made up of your favorite candies, gum, or goodies. Make a few of them and keep them in your bag so when the time comes, you can whip one out and munch away!

#4 A Non-Drowsy Acetaminophen/Aspirin - Your body will really take a beating. Your feet will take a pounding. You may stand in line for 30 minutes to take a 60 second roller coaster ride. The theme park is so huge, you have to spend a day visit just one side of the park! That's right! We went to one side of Universal on Tuesday and the other side on Wednesday! Needless to say, there will be a lot of walking. The constant standing will take a toll on your back as well. I wouldn't recommend a strong pain reliever, but you'll definitely want to bring one!

#5 A Small Towel -  You will find that the best thing you can do with this item is to wet it and cool off! Whether you wet the towel to wipe your face or just put it on the back of your neck (which works wonders as well), this is a must!

#6 Camera - Sure, you can take awesome photos on your cell phone. Maybe it's the photographer in me, but have to bring my camera for the sole purpose of photographing the park. When you take your camera with you, you are able to zoom in for those up close and personal shots. Selfies are great, and you'll be bringing your phone anyway, but don't forget that camera!

#7 Hand Sanitizer - Ever took a bite from a hot dog and remembered that you forgot to wash your hands? Sucks right? An article reads, "So much infection transmits through handshakes that some people form the American Medical Association wanted to ban handshaking from hospitals." Let's face it, people do not wash their hands as much as they should. Trust me on the hand sanitizer...

#8 Portable Phone Charger - That cell phone that I mentioned earlier... If you go with a group, you're gonna want to make sure you have a portable charger for it. Taking dozens of selfies and making those "Where the heck are you guys?" phone calls are going to destroy your battery life. Have a backup plan!

#9 Spare Shirt - It's gonna get very wet and sweaty (at the risk of sounding down right dirty). There are water rides, so a spare shirt is gonna come in handy. And just in case you don't like to be too sweaty (like me), then you'll be able to change in a snap!

#10 Pen+Pad - I was not aware that there would be so many super cool super heroes and villains running around. I am a huge Marvel fan, so that was amazing to me. Then, I found out that they would give you their autographs! I was bummed because I didn't have a single scrap of paper and pen on me! Food for thought, peeps: Bring a small notepad and cool marker!

Well, that's it for now, fans. I hope this list helps you out when you take your next family trip, whether it's Disney or Universal or Six Flags! Did I leave anything out? Feel free to comment below and let me know what to add.

#23 Go to Universal Studios

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