Apr 30, 2016

A Sunday Adventure: Part Une

The date is April 17th:

There's little that can be compared to the beauty of a sunny, spring Sunday morning. So instead of sitting at home, I decided to go for a stroll with one of my best mates, Doshanna. A creative, like myself, this up-and-coming actress is one of my favorite adventure buddies (because it's always good to have someone to travel with).

So, Doshie, Prince (her pooch) and I had a girls day in downtown Wilmington. There were great street musicians and delicious food to eat!


Wilmington, North Carolina is a great place to visit. There are beautiful beaches, good music, and lots of festivals to wander through during the summer. It should definitely be one everyone's must see destination list!

This small adventure will be the first of many. I believe I sense a Sunday tradition coming...

Where is the your favorite place to visit? I mean, a really beautiful place to visit? Comment below!

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