Feb 25, 2016

Nine Ways I Stay Creative

At the end of the day, I like to sit down and write out my blogs. I can't write as effectively and efficiently in the mornings as I can in the evening with an episode of my favorite show playing in the background. This just calms my mind and helps the words flow. There are times, however, when my day has been so busy and/or hectic that my mind seems crowded and I can't seem to find the words.

Those days seemed to come more and more frequently. This alters my creative mind and my blog suffers. Well, we can't have that nonsense! As you may know by now, I'm a list person. So before I got completely out of hand, I decided to sit down and compile a list of 12 things that help me stay creative when writing my posts. Hopefully, these will help you stay on track!

  1. Carry a notebook everywhere and jot down notes, topics, and lists
    Self explanatory.. moving on...
  2. Take a break and put the kettle on
    This, I do on my catch up days. The one day where I realize just how lazy I'm being and that I must write something on my blog. It's like I wait to the last minute and I'm writing three or four post! Terrible, right. Well, when I get my tunes going and crank out a couple of posts, i take a twenty minute break, put the kettle on and kick back with a cup of hot tea. Or a cup of hot chocolate! Nom. Nom.
  3. Listen to Music 
    Oh, how I sing the praises of classical music, opera, and of course gospel music! I'm an artist, a true, honest-to-goodness artist. A lover of the earth, the arts and song! There's something about Ludwig Von Beethoven that gets my mind going and my fingers typing 100 miles a minute! Find your song, that song that gets your mind going and those creative juices flowing.
  4. Go somewhere new
    Typically, I work in my room. It's my universe and I love it. Occasionally, I will work outside on the porch swing. It's territory that I claimed in the name of, well, me. But, every now and then, I go some place completely different. I trek to a little cafe that sits right on the outskirts of town. Change you environment, change your thought process.
  5. Clean your work space
    I'm not sure where all this stuff comes from, but if I clean my work space Sunday, I'm standing
    in a pile of chaos Wednesday scratching my head almost every week! Sometimes when I'm writing, I will stop and rearrange the items on my desk, or change the position and place in the room where I am working. But mainly I just change my desk around. Sometimes when you rearrange your space, you renew your thoughts. Just a thought...
  6. Collaborate
    One of the most effective ways to get those creative wheels in your head turning is to work with another creative mind. I have a few friends who I go over my post topics with and they give me quotes and ideas as well as tell me what may or may not work and why. Two, or more, heads can definitely be better than one in certain cases!
  7. Change the way your environment looks
    This may be a strange one to you, but it works well for me. If I do work at my laptop during the day, at some point, I get up and take my laptop outside. I will either finish my post there on the porch swing (I live out in the country, yall!) or I will write for twenty minutes and go back inside and finish. This works for me because changing my scenery, even if temporarily, I recharge my mind and in turn,
    it relaxes me. Just give it a go!
  8. Don't force it!
    Some of the worse blog post I ever wrote I was in a rush to publish it. Trust me, even if you publish every Tuesday and you have never missed a day before, you're readers would rather you post an "Oopsie" early Wednesday morning post, than for you to rush and post some half-cocked puff piece. 
  9. Schedule time to hang out with creative people
    Take time out to spend time with some good friends. It's even better when it's with someone who inspires you creatively and you can bounce ideas around with. Besides, don't we all have those kind of friends?

Well, I hope my little list helps. Remember, whatever you do, do your best and don't force it. Take your time and let the creative juices flow.

Do you agree with Was there anything I left out? Is there anything you would add? Leave me a comment below. And thanks for reading!

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