Jan 8, 2016

The Importance of Friends

Good morning, Peeps! This morning’s post is about friends. When you’re a kid, you concern yourself with being the popular kid. The more friends you have, the better person you are! Back then, you wanted to be friends with the person who had the most friends because they had so many followers.

Then you get older and wiser and realize, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, but how many of them are true friends. You’ve heard the phrase …”Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12.” Well, that’s true in life. At least adult life. Sometimes, you find that the number of real friends is far lower than the number of friends you had in high school or college.

What makes for a great friend is determined by actions and how long I’ve known them. The longer you know someone, the better. The unexpected surprises all play out eventually and you see them for who they are. But the key is to be as good a friend as you expect someone else to be to you.

I have been blessed to have my friends: Brenda Ely, Erica Laseter, Tynesha Lawrence, and Kelli Brown in my life. These are three women who challenge me in every way possible. Brenda teaches me to always strive to be better. Erica teaches me humor and patience. Kelli teaches me to be resilient, and if I get knocked down, go down swinging and get back up swinging! Tynesha teaches me, well, everything. Being my sister, she teaches me to have faith and be faithful. To always be kind, to think and pray before I act, and to always be true to myself. All of these women are my best friends, but they are teachers as well.
You see, a friend is not just someone you sit and chat with. They’re good listeners and give great advice. They are a confidant when you can trust no one else. They are your most honest judges, your best critics, and the most important part of living.
You gotta have friends, but the real ones, like everything else truly great in life, are worth seeking after and holding on to!

Do you have really good friends? Who’s your best friend or friends? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below!

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