Dec 2, 2015

"Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues!"

That's a quote from one of me and my family's favorite movies, Adventures in Babysitting. If you have not seen it,  recommend you go out immediately and find it! Of course, it was released in the 80s, so you may have better luck on Amazon.

Blues is one of my favorite types of music because I can always relate to it. Love is a very powerful emotion and I feel deeply for the person I may be in the relationship. Most people can relate to the lyrics in blues.

Here I have a short video of my favorite street musician in North Carolina! This guy is an awesome blues musician and I would pass him every time there was a festival of some sort going on downtown. He's a sweetheart from Chicago (where I was born!) and I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.

Peace and love, Peeps!

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