Dec 31, 2015

Find my teachers and thank them

When I was growing up, the times were completely different. Children respected their elders, played outside until the sun went down, and the worst thing you could do to a child was to make them come inside for a time out. There were no cell phones, tablets, or other gadgets. There was fun and sun and really great teachers.

The best teachers that I was blessed with came early in my life. They were all women and they really cared about their 'kids'. You see, we were their 'kids', not students. Students only learn, but when you have children/kids, you teach them, discipline them, and take care of them. I looked at my teachers, not as teachers, but as mothers. And that's why I never forgot mine, well, the good ones anyway.

That's what this post is dedicated to today. I made a list of my teachers and I am currently reaching out to them, and letting them know how much they meant to me. How they helped make me the woman I am today and kept me out of trouble. I am so thankful for these women.

So the question goes to you now. Do you remember a really great teacher? What grade did they teach? What do you remember most about them? I encourage you to search out and find them and thank them. Greatness needs to be appreciated.

Stay excellent, Peeps!

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