Dec 9, 2015

#102 - Adopt a kitty

You may not know this about me, but I am a total cat person. I love that they are really quiet, kind and loyal friends. In fact, June is considered "Adopt a Kitty" month by the Humane Society.

I found Carmen among other kittens and older cats in Petsmart. It wasn't love at first sight, but turns out, it was love. Her sweet and quiet demeanor quickly won me over. Snuggling into my arms for a short rest sealed the deal. So I bought the basic cat necessities (see my post called "Needful Things for Bringing Home Baby (Cat That is!") and we headed back to the house.

It's been really something having her here. It's almost like having a baby in the house. The 2 am wake up needing to be fed or held or wanting to play. It's not bad, though. She is a very fun and very necessary distraction a times. And she's not loud and barky like dogs can be. So far, it's pretty awesome!

So, peeps, how do you feel about pets? Do you love cats or dogs? Comment below and thanks!
Stay excellent!


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