Nov 28, 2015

#96 Create a reading nook

This one was fun and awesome! I have this super cool loft apartment with incredibly high ceilings. There is an open, unused space above the bathroom, typically used for extra storage. Well, being inspired to create a space all my own by my role model, Carrie Bradshaw :), I built a ladder and climbed up to the empty space to make it pretty and fill it with all the things I like.

In the end, I had a television (not pictured, but just a small 20+ inch flat screen and a DVD player), my favorite movies, stringed lights and plenty of snacks! It's my favorite spot! PS, Definitely check out Pinterest for plenty of ideas for your space!

Let the men have their man caves! Find your own space and make it yours and make it great!

#99 Create a reading nook... CHECK!

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