Nov 29, 2015

#88 Wear Skirts and Dresses for 7 Days Straight

Okay, peeps. I have a confession. I am a tomboy. In case some of you don't know that is, a tomboy is a girl, who lives for denim and tshirts, climbing trees and barefoot racing, can probably do heavy duty car maintenance... Think Ellie Mae Clampett. The struggle was so real! Some of these dresses I went out and bought! Wearing a dress is a no-go unless I'm going to church or a wedding, PERIOD. So, needless to further say, this was going to be a very interesting 'first' for me. I know my mom will appreciate this!

I gotta say, though, it was really fun. I think I'm more girlie having done this. So here are the pics, peeps.

So, what's your favorite? Pants or Dresses/Skirts? Comment below

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