Nov 29, 2015

#50 Hand out blessing bags to the homeless

This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I am blessed to have had a home my entire life. Always had a place to get mad and go to, a family member to lean on. It hurts my heart to see people living on the streets or in a homeless shelter. There's no place like a home to call your own. I can't buy a new house for anyone like Oprah and Ellen, but I can help out. So this is something that I made it my mission to do and continue to do. I have gone to nursing homes in the past and to families homes to hand out food, fruit baskets and gifts, but never this.

Feeding the homeless is something completely different. Sure, you can hand out bags of food, that's what I did in the beginning. Then, I watched them eat their food with dirty hands and thought, How could I have forgotten the hand sanitizer!? So, needless to say, I reevaluated the idea.

So I set out later, this time with a friend and a lot more bags! This time, sandwiches, snacks, sanitizer, wet wipes, a tooth brush+paste, a short scripture, and a mini first aid kit (on sale at Walmart). To see people smiling, laughing even, was priceless. Some would run off and come back with a friend! It was so rewarding.

Having a bucket list is an awesome project, but you must make sure that you are doing for others as much as you are doing for yourself. Together, we can heal this hurting world!

Here are some photos of what we did, but I didn't want to post the photos of any of the people we helped to protect them.

Live and love, Peeps!

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