Nov 15, 2015

So Much to Do... So Little Time!

Hello peeps. I was sitting on the edge of my bed, planning out my Monday (back to work), when I decided enough. Enough planning, enough over working, enough scheduling around others... enough. No more frustrations, no more useless planning and scheduling. Enough.

I was in prayer a couple of years ago, and towards the closing of that prayer, I heard a whisper. That I would not live beyond 32. I wasn't sure what to do or say, so I thanked God for listening, said amen, and got up. I haven't thought much about it until about a month ago. I'll be 32 next week, and I don't know if its true or not, but I've decided to stop wasting time trying to make something great out of myself and just be great. I will stop planning my life and start living my life.

I want to lay down at night and know at the end of the day, I lived and I gave everything I had. So here it is, The List. I actually made this list at the beginning of the year. I'm pretty proud of it, so I didn't throw it away like I did the post its and to do lists. Most of this I will do, some of it is done, and some things not on this list will be added later. I'm pretty excited about it. Feel free to get some ideas and leave a few if you like!

Live life, Peeps! And it to the full!


Bucket List 2015

  1. Learn to swim
  2. Go to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial
  3. Take dance classes
  4. Go sky diving
  5. Throw someone a party
  6. Try all classic flavors of Baskin Robbins ice cream
  7. Paint a mural
  8. Learn conversational German
  9. Learn conversational Spanish
  10. Pay for an elderly person’s medicine
  11. Pay for a strangers groceries
  12. Go horseback riding
  13. Visit a hospital for cancer patients
  14. Learn to play the guitar
  15. Learn to box
  16. Throw myself a birthday bash
  17. Go see the Statue of Liberty
  18. Go see the Grand Canyon
  19. Find the doctor who delivered me
  20. Eat authentic Cajun food in Louisiana
  21. Find Mrs. Beck
  22. Go to Walt Disney World
  23. Go to Universal Studios
  24. Get CPR ceritifed
  25. Create a memoir of my 20s
  26. Plant a tree
  27. Create a photo Library
  28. Take a train ride to some place random
  29. Purchase my first car
  30. Go to a drive in movie
  31. Go rock climbing
  32. Take my nephews out for laser tag
  33. Make a handprint ornament
  34. Build a bear
  35. Take a kid on a shopping spree
  36. Go paintballing
  37. Create a family yearbook
  38. Donate to an animal shelter
  39. Donate supplies to a classroom
  40. Spa day with my sister
  41. Go to Sea World
  42. Kiss under the mistletoe
  43. Learn the Moses Supposes dance number
  44. Visit an observatory
  45. Photograph the night sky
  46. Host a cookie bake off
  47. Learn to play the piano
  48. Visit New York
  49. Go visit the Four Corners
  50. Hand out blessing bags to the homeless
  51. Play an outdoor game of checkers
  52. Shoot a bow and arrow
  53. Rent a suite and have a sleepover with my nieces
  54. Build a blanket fort
  55. Attend a masquerade ball
  56. Experience zero gravity
  57. Pay a strangers tab at a restaurant
  58. Travel first class
  59. Pull an all nighter
  60. Take my mom on vacation
  61. Have a huge water balloon fight
  62. Learn to surf
  63. Drive down Route 66
  64. Pay off all my debts
  65. Photograph 10 lighthouses
  66. Hold a family field day with an obstacle course
  67. Sleep in a tent
  68. Make a summer soundtrack
  69. Send a message in a bottle
  70. Go fishing and eat what I catch
  71. Photograph the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  72. Kiss a dolphin
  73. Complete a scrapbook
  74. Milk a cow
  75. Take a trip and pay my own way
  76.  Make a crayon painting
  77. Learn to use chopsticks
  78. Spend the day on the water
  79. Finish an entire coloring book
  80. Decorate a stop sign
  81. Pour soap in a public fountain and photograph
  82. Build a sandcastle with my nieces and nephews
  83. Find that little girl inside me and never let her go
  84. Watch the sunrise
  85. Connect with old friends
  86. Find my grade school teachers and thank them
  87. Help release sea turtles
  88. Wear only dresses and skirts for a week
  89. Help feed the hungry in America
  90. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  91. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  92. Complete this list
  93. Photograph the rain
  94. Photograph really bad weather
  95. Let a 4 year old dress me for the week
  96. Create a nook for R&R
  97. Organize my life and keep it that way
  98. Go see the Milky Way and photograph it
  99. Go to a fashion show
  100. Take a road trip… and drive myself
  101. Learn to belly dance
  102. Adopt a kitty
  103. Send a care package to a soldier
  104. Get my  driver’s license
  105. Go to an art museum
  106. Learn to throw a football
  107. Go see the hospital I was born in
  108. Read 5 books from my grade school list
  109. Plant something and watch it grow
  110. Learn to knit
  111. Go to a Renaissance festival
  112. Paint a series of Christian paintings
  113. Have a “Remembering Paul” movie night
  114. Make something for 50 sick kids at the Birmingham hospital
  115. Donate to spread the gospel
  116. Write a book
  117. Have a bon fire at the beach
  118. Ride the tallest roller coaster ever
  119. Learn to play the violin
  120. Sleep under the stars
  121. Go on a long boat ride
  122. Go zorbing
  123. Eat authentic Swiss chocolate with someone I love
  124. Visit Shell Island in Sanibel, Florida
  125. Eat an authentic Irish breakfast
  126. Visit Niagara Falls
  127. Swim with dolphins
  128. See a Broadway play
  129. Rope swing into water
  130. Go to Ireland
  131. Go to Mexico
  132. Go to Italy
  133. Go to Amsterdam
  134. Go to Canada
  135. Create a balloon paint dart painting
  136. Visit Ground Zero
  137. Leave a letter in a library book
  138. Meet the Buried Life guys
  139. Learn to play the piano
  140. Fill a truck bed with pillows and sleep outdoors
  141. Take a pin up style photo shoot
  142. Take a pottery class
  143. Give a homeless person a gift
  144. “Hold up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  145. Create an inspiration room
  146. Own a polaroid camera
  147. Start a memory box
  148. Go apple picking
  149. Pull off a series of awesome pranks
  150. Go skinny dipping
  151. Learn to drive a stick shift
  152. Ride in a helicopter
  153. Sing karaoke
  154. Visit Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah
  155. Photograph Santorini, Greece
  156. See the pyramids
  157. Teach a creative class
  158. Build a greenhouse
  159. Take a solo vacay
  160. Take a California roadtrip
  161. Create a website for my list
  162. Ride an elephant
  163. Visit the mall of America
  164. Have a great blog for my list
  165. Fall in love
  166. Own a nice camera
  167. Transform an old bus into a travel bus
  168. Watch the sunset at Vietnam Vet Memorial in DC
  169. Visit/See rock formations and mountains in New Mexico
  170. Purchase land a build a home
  171. Start building an awesome music library
  172. Build a tree house
  173. Go see the Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye , Scotland
  174. Go see the Rock Pools, Canada
  175. Sleep on the beach
  176. Kiss underwater
  177. Kiss in the rain
  178. Dance in the rain
  179. Go cloud watching
  180. Have a 3-legged race
  181. Cliff dive
  182. Go on the sky deck in Chicago, IL
  183. Go camping with friends
  184. Go to Carlo’s Bakery
  185. Buy a homeless person a full meal and eat with them
  186. Have a pet turtle
  187. Buy every book I want
  188. Buy flowers for someone for no reason
  189. Leave a $100 tip at a restaurant
  190. Invite someone with no family to a family dinner
  191. See the Northern Lights
  192. Bake the perfect rainbow cake
  193. Have a small cozy apartment
  194. Become a travel photographer
  195. Bake everything in a cook book
  196. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
  197. Leave positive note on someone’s windshield
  198. Take a photo in from of the Hollywood sign
  199. Have a weekend long sleep over with my besties
  200. Start a YouTube channel
  201. Drive the Atlantic Ocean Road
  202. See the monarch butterfly migration
  203. Own a Fujifilm instax mini camera
  204. Kiss in a movie theater
  205. Own a pair of white converse
  206. Visit the place where the stars touch the ground (Ireland)
  207. Spend an entire day baking
  208. Visit the Hershey’s chocolate factory in Pennsylvania
  209. Go on a road trip with friends
  210. Save change in 5 jars and donate to 5 charities
  211. No chocolate for a week
  212. Have my own personal library
  213. Be on TV
  214. Go to Times Square
  215. Visit Easter Island
  216. Go to Switzerland
  217. Visit the Great Wall of China
  218. Play in the rain with the one I love
  219. Have a tech free day
  220. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  221. Pet a giraffe
  222. Have a romantic balcony dinner
  223. Watch the entire Sex and the City series
  224. Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment
  225. Visit Pixar Studios
  226. See the Roman Colosseum
  227. See Stonehenge
  228. Visit Machu Picchu
  229. Climb the steps of the Mayan Ruins
  230. See the Golden gate Bridge
  231. Have my own art studio
  232. Visit the home of Anne Frank
  233. Eat gelato in Italy
  234. Eat a crepe in France
  235. Eat a croissant at a bakery in Paris
  236. Try pasta in Italy
  237. Float in the Dead Sea
  238. Visit Pompeii
  239. Try macaroons
  240. Work out more often
  241. Play a large scale game of Jenga (cut up 2x4s)
  242. Buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them
  243. Go to a midnight movie premier
  244. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  245. Visit Germany
  246. Visit and photograph the Westbury White Horse
  247. Visit the Manitou Incline in Colorado Springs, CO
  248. Visit Oljato in Monument Valley, Utah
  249. Visit Lake Louis, Alberta Canada
  250. Learn to do a handstand
  251. Hold a baby panda
  252. Hold a baby monkey
  253. Hold a baby turtle
  254. Take a photo in front of the state sign of every US state I visit
  255. Write on the Before I Die wall in New Orleans
  256. Visit the Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland (Forth and Clyde)
  257. Visit Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon National Park
  258. Create a ‘chill pills’ jar
  259. Walk behind a waterfall
  260. Be somebody’s secret Santa

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