Nov 30, 2015

#113 - Have a Remembering Paul movie night

Paul Walker was one of Hollywood's greatest actors. He was one of my favorite actors. I didn't believe that he had passed away until I saw it on the news! When it sunk in, I cried all night and eventually to sleep. I didn't know Paul personally, but I was such a fan I felt like I lost a friend.

He's gone, but he will never be forgotten and will always be missed. So to honor his memory, I will have a "Remembering Paul" movie night. Creative title, right? (Note the subtle hint of sarcasm) I will be watching 5 movies of his that I have not seen and 5 of my favorites. Here's a list of the movies I plan on watching. I'm currently watching "The Skulls". RIP 'Bullet'

Do you think there's a movie great that I don't have listed? Comment and let me know!
As always, be inspired, Peeps

Fast and Furious 6
Joy Ride
Varsity Blues
She's All That
The Skulls
The Death and Life of Bobby Z
Running Scared

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