Nov 29, 2015

#100 Take a roadtrip... and Drive Myself

This was as much fun as I thought it would be! As a kid, me and my family always took long road trips to visit my mom's family in Chicago and Wisconsin. I was a little nervous, because I just got my license some three months prior to this road trip. (I know, long overdue!)

Still, I knew in my heart of hearts that this trip would be awesome! I drove from Wilmington, North Carolina to Eufaula, AL to visit my parents. The trip was long, but very fun and quite interesting. I didn't get lost at all! Okay, okay, so I had a GPS, but you'd be surprise at how lost I can get! I had my road trip soundtrack blasting! So. Much. Fun! I can't wait to take an even longer and farther road trip again!

Peace and Love, Peeps!


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