Nov 30, 2015

What Happy Healthy Habits Are Best For You

According to Lally's study, it takes a person 18 to 166 days to develop a habit. Maybe that's why new years resolutions never stick! So maybe if I start doing these now, some will, in fact, stick... Be inspired, peeps!

#113 - Have a Remembering Paul movie night

Paul Walker was one of Hollywood's greatest actors. He was one of my favorite actors. I didn't believe that he had passed away until I saw it on the news! When it sunk in, I cried all night and eventually to sleep. I didn't know Paul personally, but I was such a fan I felt like I lost a friend.

He's gone, but he will never be forgotten and will always be missed. So to honor his memory, I will have a "Remembering Paul" movie night. Creative title, right? (Note the subtle hint of sarcasm) I will be watching 5 movies of his that I have not seen and 5 of my favorites. Here's a list of the movies I plan on watching. I'm currently watching "The Skulls". RIP 'Bullet'

Do you think there's a movie great that I don't have listed? Comment and let me know!
As always, be inspired, Peeps

Fast and Furious 6
Joy Ride
Varsity Blues
She's All That
The Skulls
The Death and Life of Bobby Z
Running Scared

Nov 29, 2015

A Special Thanks, to You!

I just want to take a minute to thank you, the person currently reading this and all others who have viewed my posts, for viewing my posts! :) I never thought in a million years I would have any views, let alone over a hundred views in the last couple of weeks! I'm expecting greater to come, but I gotta tell you guys, I am humbled that you would take time out from your day, schedule, or what have you, to look at this.

I hope you enjoy this and the other posts, and that they inspire you to be your greatest self!

Peace and Love, Peeps

#100 Take a roadtrip... and Drive Myself

This was as much fun as I thought it would be! As a kid, me and my family always took long road trips to visit my mom's family in Chicago and Wisconsin. I was a little nervous, because I just got my license some three months prior to this road trip. (I know, long overdue!)

Still, I knew in my heart of hearts that this trip would be awesome! I drove from Wilmington, North Carolina to Eufaula, AL to visit my parents. The trip was long, but very fun and quite interesting. I didn't get lost at all! Okay, okay, so I had a GPS, but you'd be surprise at how lost I can get! I had my road trip soundtrack blasting! So. Much. Fun! I can't wait to take an even longer and farther road trip again!

Peace and Love, Peeps!


#89 Help feed the hungry here in America

This is part 2 to my little mission to feed people. I love to eat and I can't imagine children having to go hungry. We see on the tele every year, especially around Christmas and Thanksgiving, the faces of hungry children living abroad. I was surprised and appalled to learn that there are starving children here in the United States! And 16 million kids in America aren't getting the food they need. Nearly one in five children in America lives in households that struggle to put food on the table. So naturally, I jumped at the chance to do my part. I believe it was Food Lion who sent out plastic grocery bags, asking people to contribute spare non perishables. So I got my bag from the mailbox, filled it with some spare food and took it out to my mail lady. Stay tuned for round 3!Let's do our part, ladies and peeps!Peace and Love,#89 Feed the hungry here in America... Check!

#50 Hand out blessing bags to the homeless

This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. I am blessed to have had a home my entire life. Always had a place to get mad and go to, a family member to lean on. It hurts my heart to see people living on the streets or in a homeless shelter. There's no place like a home to call your own. I can't buy a new house for anyone like Oprah and Ellen, but I can help out. So this is something that I made it my mission to do and continue to do. I have gone to nursing homes in the past and to families homes to hand out food, fruit baskets and gifts, but never this.

Feeding the homeless is something completely different. Sure, you can hand out bags of food, that's what I did in the beginning. Then, I watched them eat their food with dirty hands and thought, How could I have forgotten the hand sanitizer!? So, needless to say, I reevaluated the idea.

So I set out later, this time with a friend and a lot more bags! This time, sandwiches, snacks, sanitizer, wet wipes, a tooth brush+paste, a short scripture, and a mini first aid kit (on sale at Walmart). To see people smiling, laughing even, was priceless. Some would run off and come back with a friend! It was so rewarding.

Having a bucket list is an awesome project, but you must make sure that you are doing for others as much as you are doing for yourself. Together, we can heal this hurting world!

Here are some photos of what we did, but I didn't want to post the photos of any of the people we helped to protect them.

Live and love, Peeps!

#29 Purchase my first car

#88 Wear Skirts and Dresses for 7 Days Straight

Okay, peeps. I have a confession. I am a tomboy. In case some of you don't know that is, a tomboy is a girl, who lives for denim and tshirts, climbing trees and barefoot racing, can probably do heavy duty car maintenance... Think Ellie Mae Clampett. The struggle was so real! Some of these dresses I went out and bought! Wearing a dress is a no-go unless I'm going to church or a wedding, PERIOD. So, needless to further say, this was going to be a very interesting 'first' for me. I know my mom will appreciate this!

I gotta say, though, it was really fun. I think I'm more girlie having done this. So here are the pics, peeps.

So, what's your favorite? Pants or Dresses/Skirts? Comment below

5 Things to Keep Yourself Motivated Regarding Your Bucket List

Hello again, peeps! What I love most about my list is that it makes me look at my life, see where I am and how to get where I want to go. It also reminds me to be grateful, looking back on the things I have accomplished, wonderful places I've been, and the incredible things I've seen.

There are some days, however, when I don't have the energy to get out of bed, let alone go out into the world and explore. So there are some things I do to keep myself motivated.

  1. Reflect. One of the most important things to remember when doing things on your bucketlist is to document it. I'm sure you pull out your camera or phone to both photograph and video the fun 'goings ons'. This will definitely come in handy (start doing this today if you haven't already. When you have a less than inspired day, pull out those photos, videos, or scrapbook even and take a gander at the things you've done and seen already. That will give you a quick kick in the rear to get up and at em'!
  2. Find your "Get 'Er Done" film. This works for me, probably because I have ADHD and my mind is in 15 different places simultaneously ALWAYS! I have movies that I play while I'm brainstorming and planning my next moves. These movies also motivate me to, as Macy Gray once sang, 'Get up, Get Out and Do Something.' Find that movie or soundtrack that puts fire under your feet and gets you up and exploring.
  3. Create an Inspiration Board. Not dissing technology, but I love the old paper method. Same can be said for an inspiration board. An inspiration board is just what it's name says. It's a board filled with quotes and images that inspire you to reach your goal(s). And trust me, while you can go on Pinterest or other site and create an inspiration board (that you will have to open an app to get to), it's more convenient to open your eyes in the morning and see the inspiration board hanging on your wall, waiting for you!
  4. Music, Life's Great Motivator! Okay, so it might not be life's greatest motivator, but it is a great motivator. There's nothing like hearing a great song, fast or slow, to get your body moving and the wheels in your head a turnin'! Check out my previous post for my summer soundtrack for ideas!
  5. Keep the End Goal in Mind. I'm no good at meditating, period. Like I mentioned before in this post (and probably earlier posts, I can't remember) I have an almost non existent attention span. What I do, is focus on what I have done and what I want to do. Is that meditating? Anyway, my list is as much for others and their benefit as it is for me and mine. Think of the people you want to help. Think of how you will help yourself. Think about the fun you'll have. That gets me going!

I hope this helps you make and do things on your list. It helps me out a ton! Do you have any other recommendations? What gets you going? Comment below! 

Thanks so much for taking time to view my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

Peace and Love, Peeps!

Nov 28, 2015

#96 Create a reading nook

This one was fun and awesome! I have this super cool loft apartment with incredibly high ceilings. There is an open, unused space above the bathroom, typically used for extra storage. Well, being inspired to create a space all my own by my role model, Carrie Bradshaw :), I built a ladder and climbed up to the empty space to make it pretty and fill it with all the things I like.

In the end, I had a television (not pictured, but just a small 20+ inch flat screen and a DVD player), my favorite movies, stringed lights and plenty of snacks! It's my favorite spot! PS, Definitely check out Pinterest for plenty of ideas for your space!

Let the men have their man caves! Find your own space and make it yours and make it great!

#99 Create a reading nook... CHECK!

#68 Create a Summer Soundtrack

Sometimes, life's moments should have background music played while they're happening. You know, like in the movies. When you're having fun, light hearted and upbeat music. And when you're approaching a moment of danger or uncertainty, the theme song from Jaws or Halloween. Okay, maybe not Halloween, but the point is, I wish my life had a soundtrack.

So, what I've decided is that all of my moments (the one's captured on film or photograph) shall have a soundtrack to them! I made a list of all of my favorite songs from this year, and some a little older to add to my videos and photo montages that I will create and post here for you delectation and delight! (Delectation, by the way, is a word that I borrowed from the movie The Prince of Egypt that means enjoyment!)

So here's my soundtrack list! It is made up of 4 disc and I'm pretty darn proud of my choices. But, do you see something that should have been added? Did I miss something? Comments are welcome, so let me know what you think and what you would recommend!

Thanks and enjoy, Peeps!