Oct 24, 2015


My father does not have 'A' green thumb, he has "THE" green thumb. He literally threw and handful of watermelon seeds out in the yard last summer and watermelons sprouted everywhere! I get a lot of traits from my dad, but planting anything is not one of them! I've planted different types of vegetation over the years and they all died tragic deaths. Okay, maybe not 'tragic' deaths, but they certainly died. So this was a challenge, but I'm no quitter.. I tried, and I'm happy to say I conquered! After cutting the heads from some old potatoes, I planted them and watched them grow. I honestly expected them to die, 
but they grew...


 And they grew some more!

Have you ever planted anything? Do you want to? Please comment below! And remember, if you want to eat a home grown salad this summer, hop to your planting now! Thanks for reading!

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