Oct 24, 2015


My father does not have 'A' green thumb, he has "THE" green thumb. He literally threw and handful of watermelon seeds out in the yard last summer and watermelons sprouted everywhere! I get a lot of traits from my dad, but planting anything is not one of them! I've planted different types of vegetation over the years and they all died tragic deaths. Okay, maybe not 'tragic' deaths, but they certainly died. So this was a challenge, but I'm no quitter.. I tried, and I'm happy to say I conquered! After cutting the heads from some old potatoes, I planted them and watched them grow. I honestly expected them to die, 
but they grew...


 And they grew some more!

Have you ever planted anything? Do you want to? Please comment below! And remember, if you want to eat a home grown salad this summer, hop to your planting now! Thanks for reading!


I wasn’t sure how I would get this one done, but I knew it would be fun! Luckily, I worked with a lady who could get me in. I pulled out a dress I had gotten for my birthday, bought some jewelry that would complement my dress, and I was off and on my way!
 I picked up my ticket to the Wilmington Fashion Week event. Everything was so glamorous from the red carpet walk to the show itself. And the after party was amazing. I met so many inspiring people, all artists, models and fashion designers.

I expected to attend an event that was fashionable. Something interesting to experience and pretty cool to put on and cross off the old bucket list. But we’re not in this for vain gain, right? A girl’s night out turned out to be a true night of inspiration. But the after party was all fun and games!

What is a Bucket List Anyway?

Hello Peeps! And welcome to my blog for my bucket list for the year 2015. This list most likely will continue over into 2016, which (trust me) will be a great and wonderful thing. So, you may be wondering...


A bucket list is simply a list of things you want to do before you die. The first time I heard of this concept was on a show called The Buried Life. It's about 4 guys who come together and compile a list of 100 things they want to do before they die. More of their story can be found here... 

I saw "The Bucket List" in the months that followed and made my own list. It was really hard to get things done at first. I started a job where I was working 60+ hours and week and was too tired to do much of anything; so, I left that job and decided to do a bit of travelling and crossing items off my list as I went along. 

There are days where I don't see a point in going on. Days where I think this whole bucket list idea is just a waste. Those are days when I remember that things could be different for me in the worst way. I could be blind, deaf, I could be paralyzed. I could be dead. Life is too short and we are not guaranteed to be alive from one minute to the next. So I don't waste time and I try to get out everyday and do something. To see things. 

So, the question goes to you. What do you want to put on your bucket list?

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