Oct 9, 2016

3 Beautiful Reading Nooks

Greetings again, peeps! So, if you haven't seen my post on my personal reading nook, check out this link: https://my-bonny-bucketlist-2015.blogspot.com/2015/11/99-create-reading-nook.html.

A reading nook is simply a quiet place of relaxation and well, reading. It's a reprieve from the technological world we live in. I had a small television in mine with some of my favorite movies. But mostly, I just read my books and magazines and looked through family photo albums.

Here are photos and links of my favorite and most inspiring reading nooks. The photos contain links where you can click and find more info!

Hope you enjoyed this! Have any comments? Questions? Wanna share your makeover story? Feel free to post below!

(Disclaimer: These photos were not taken by me.)

Oct 7, 2016

Aerial Gallery

After going through photographs of my past travels, I came across a folder labeled "Flights". As it turns out, this folder has all of the shots I took of the sky on the many flights I have taken while traveling the country. It's true, my heart is in traveling the highway, but sometimes, it's quicker to fly!
So here are a few shots from my little folder. I hope you enjoy! (You're free to comment below!)